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Why do sociologists focus on relationships and social groups?

Why Do people do what they do? What is the difference between explanations in terms of social structure and explanations in terms of individual agency?

Using sociological concepts, explain why people exchange things for money?

Why do we so easily miss the importance of shared beliefs or culture?

Why is the social world durable?

What characterises the sociological theory of Symbolic Interactionism?

Explain the concept of looking glass self?

Explain the process of taking the role of the other

What is the difference between a pilferer and a professional thief?

Why doesn't the Pilferer think of themselves as a thief?

Explain the role of family and friends in shaping the different self-understanding of the Thief and the Pilferer.

Why does Cameron argue that Pilferers should not be sent to prison?

Multiculturalism has four dimensions: A Demographic reality, an ideology, policies, and everyday practices. Give an example of each of these aspects.

What was the “White Australia Policy”?

Why has the ideology of multiculturalism been criticised?

Why was there are retreat from multiculturalism?

What is xenophobia?

Does the rise of ‘everyday multiculturalism' mean that Australia no longer needs multicultural policies?

How is Religion in Australia Changing?

Explain the difference between mechanic and organic solidarity

What is the wheel of the year?

Do you think that people convert to witchcraft because of representations of witchcraft in the media? How does the structure/agency debate relate to this?

Why does the Internet play such an important role in teenage witchcraft?

Explain what it means to say that Marxist sociological theory is structuralist

What is consumer capitalism?

Why are people mugged for shoes?

Berger defines consumerism as involving the stealing of personal love for themselves and offering it back for the price of a product. Illustrate how this works using a contemporary advertisement.

Explain the shift from home production to shopping

What does it mean to say that we are socialised for consumption?

Explain the difference between Conflict Theory and Functionalism as they apply to deviance.

Explain a labelling theory approach to the experience of deaf people.

Joseph had good visual skills, but found abstract concepts, like the passing of time, to be difficult. Why?

Give an example of how language makes understanding symbols possible.

What is the difference between Signed Exact English and American Sign?

What does it mean to say that sign is a “visual language”?

Explain the difference between Joseph and Charlotte's experiences.

Why is sociology useful?

In what ways might environmental attitudes be a product of social structures and/or individual agency? Give examples

Why is the concept of “untouched nature” problematic?

What is the difference between anthropocentrism and ecocentrism?

What does it mean to say “I was raised by strawberries?

According to Kimmerer, what is the difference between a commodity relationship and a gift relationship with the environment?

How is your self-presentation and/or identity shaped by social media?

Does social media enhance or diminish feelings of community and belonging?

How does social media shape the ability of social movements to protest or enact change? Illustrate using one example of a social movement, e.g. occupy, #meetoo, Tasmanian forestry protests.

How could the social media experiences of the Indigenous Australians in the report be described as ambivalent?

Why might younger Indigenous Australians be more likely than non-Indigenous young Australians to use Facebook to connect to older relatives?

Leaver writes that the ACCC does not currently require individuals on social media to reveal paid posts. Do you think this is a problem? Why/why not?

What is the difference between traditional morality and morality of authenticity?

In what ways are contemporary risks a reflection of social structure?

Explain a sociological approach to emotions.

What is ontological security?

How do the various types of risks influence consumer decision-making approaches?

What is the social organisation of denial?

How is niche marketing different than differentiated marketing?

What is the difference between an internal influence and an external influence as described by the Consumer Value Framework (CVF)?

What is meant by the term “personality”? What does it mean that personality is unique to the individual?

What are the various power bases of reference groups? Give examples of how these power bases may influence consumers in their consumption decisions.

What do the terms acculturation and enculturation mean and how do they relate to consumer socialization?

Identify and discuss the five factors that influence the amount of search performed by consumers in a typical decision making process.

What is meant by each of the following: universal set, awareness set, consideration set, inert set, and inept set?

Discuss the concept of value in the context of the consumption process. Your discussion of the concept of value needs to include the notion of utilitarian value and hedonic value.

What do you think motivates one to rock climb or try this sport? Is the value provided utilitarian or hedonic? If so what would be your motivation?

Explain how the intrinsic motivation state of flow might occur in rock climbing

Describe culture. How would your university go about creating a unique culture to capture student attendance for your university?

What are the benefits and dangers that universities face by including social media in their marketing campaigns?

What types of social media campaigns could a sports marking director implement to gain student awareness?

What factors influence the amount of search that most consumers will exert when buying a smartphone or a tablet?

From your perspective, what are the current shifts in global stratification? How does this affect the economic and political power of the United States?

In the current economic situation in the United States what do you project will happen to social mobility and the American Dream?

Describe the Horatio Alger myth. Based on your own experience discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the myth for both men and women.

What is culture? Provide an example of Australian norms that illustrates your answer.

What is the sociological imagination? Illustrate your answer with a discussion of a contemporary social problem.

What does it mean to say that gender is socially constructed?

Discuss and illustrate the role of heteronormativity in Australian culture.

How are social inequalities reflected in health inequalities? Provide an example of a health inequality in your answer.

What is the gender pay gap and is it closing?

How can education be a source of social mobility while also reinforcing social inequalities?

Why is sociology useful? Illustrate your answer with a discussion of one contemporary social issue.

What are the four interconnected dimensions of 'McDonaldization'?

How do property, power, and prestige affect your personal social class? According to Marx's conflict perspective in what social class do you belong and why?

How has witchcraft changed since the 1990s? What social processes contribute to this change?

According to Lawrence Kohlberg, when children have learned the rules and follow them in order to stay out of trouble, children are in the_____stage

The term____ was coined by Charles Cooley

Individuals and groups that influence our orientations to life are called

Ages 30 to 49 in the life course are known as the _____ years

______ factors influence our life course

A total institution leaves an indelible mark on a person's self. The mark can be imposed quickly or in a more prolonged process. In _____, the process is brutal and prolonged

The ____, as viewed by Freud, is the balancing force in our personality

George Herbert Mead was a(n)

Values are like lenses through which we see the world

________ said that sociobiology will eventually absorb sociology.

The core value of education has

If you kill another person, you have violated a society's

What is smart clothing

Paul loved to party at Mardi Gras, even if he was not involved in making a float or anything else. The atmosphere on the street was just so different, so easy. He had a great time. At such a(n) ____, the rules were loosened.

How many subcultures does U.S. society contain?

To try to understand a culture on its own terms is called

Even just the thought of the violation of a ____ fills us with revulsion

The term real culture refers to

With basic sociology, the goal of analyzing some aspect of society is that of

According to Max Weber, the central force in social change is

Auguste Comte is credited as being the founder of

Reliability refers to

One of the sociologists who developed symbolic interactionism is

______ is a precise way to measure a variable

_______ is a feeling of trust between researchers and the people they are studying.

In _____, symbols are the key to understanding how we look at the world and communicated with one another.

_________ are used to study people who are unaware that they are being studied.

Talcott Parsons was influential in