What do the terms acculturation and enculturation mean and how do they relate to consumer socialization?. Sociology

Culture is a learned process. Consumers learn culture through one of the two- socialisation processes - enculturation and acculturation

Socialization involves learning through observation and the active processing of information about lived, every day experience. This learning results in the reinforcement of core societal values (CSVs) that are enduring and not easily changed.

Social interaction .................... Modelling  -......... reinforcement

Acculturation is the process by which consumers come to learn a culture other than their natural, native culture that is, the culture to which one may adapt when exposed to a new set of values. Acculturation is a learning process.

Enculturation represents the way people learn their native culture. In other words, enculturation represents the way in which consumers learn and develop shared understanding of things with their families.

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