How can education be a source of social mobility while also reinforcing social inequalities?. Sociology

Traditionally, one is told to gain education in order to better one's career prospects to lead a better life. This notion is evident in social mobility where one can move up a social class or to better one's quality of life. Further, a basic level of education is also offered to everyone at a level ground. For example, national examinations where everyone regardless of social class is given an opportunity to do. The norm would be when one is better or higher educated, it increases their employability. This would then command better salaries and benefits and eventually lead to social mobility in the long run. This however does also reinforce social inequality. From a micro level at households, the more affluent households have better opportunities, from education to healthcare. A middle or lower-class household will have lesser access to such. If one is to live within their social class and not move to another class, this evidences that education has the ability to reinforce social inequality.