In what ways might environmental attitudes be a product of social structures and/or individual agency? Give examples. Sociology

Relationships - have a human connection with a group of people who are “environmental activists” and who want to protect trees, animals.

Ethical consumerism - not to buy new clothes, but second-hand clothes. Or only buy organic meat or become a vegetarian. Better for the environment.

Religion - Group or community to express what they are feeling or become a pagan. Emerge and encourage to have individual agency. Or conservative Christians are not worried about the environment but instead participating when Jesus will be back to fix it.

Social movements - education system increase the agency to let students participate in the climate change strikes. They have a choice to join on the day than attending school. Environmentalism - are brought up to care for the environment and join a movement. Power of big groups, supporting the same kind of things, saving trees encourage people to do something about the environment. It becomes a more significant thing. Feminism, environmentalism, structure influences that think certain things.

Culture-nature binary - shapes how western society concerning the environment

Capitalism/Consumerism - about yourself. Do you need the latest phone or to shop online or to get fast food?

Wealth and education - very wealthy have enough money to contribute to renewable energy: awareness and higher capacity to do things about the environment. Post-materialism idea - agreement is society has become, and all needs have met in education and housing, etc. And they are not worried about the environment until the requirements have met. Education - caring more and wanting to do more about the situation. Understanding and awareness of environmental issues and the agency of what to do things about it. But if you do not know about climate issues, it won't be a factor for you.