How are social inequalities reflected in health inequalities? Provide an example of a health inequality in your answer.. Sociology

Social inequalities can be visibly reflected in health inequalities in multiple ways, healthcare benefits, access to preventive medication and public awareness. Multiple studies have shown that this inequality can be due to geographic location, education levels, employment types and even upbringing (Australian Medical Association, 2007). This has led to multiple preventable deaths and the contraction of diseases (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2016). A prime example of this can be seen with the Indigenous community in Australia where biologically this community if more susceptible to diseases, have the highest consumption of alcohol and tobacco as well. The indigenous community mostly reside in rural areas and will have the least access to healthcare and community awareness. As stated above, upbringing plays a role in the health inequality and with the indigenous community, it can be seen leading to a vicious cycle as well.