What is the difference between traditional morality and morality of authenticity?. Sociology

Traditional morality was challenged by the morality of the inner self, so that we now have two rival moralities contesting the public sphere, with traditional morality on the defensive and the morality of authenticity in the ascendancy.

Traditional morality is what has been done before guides what the right thing to do. The conventional moral approach guided by things that have done before, i.e. norms, Christianity. Moral decision, the individual wants is less important what is better for the community. Do what is right for other people. Conservative looks to the past - look how things can before. Can connect people, but can be oppressive; can be respectful, or not - based on what you have learnt from other people. What done before? Polite - love thy neighbour as they self. Response to one certainty and change.

The morality of authenticity is fulfilling one's true self. The correct thing to do is a personal decision. Reflexivity is reflected on the person and come to a, e.g. life-planning - reflect on yourself and your actions. Life planning, where you see yourself in five years. Reflect on what you are doing and who you are. Always think of the future. A morality of authenticity created by social structure/culture. Individualism - decide for yourself. The expectation of responsibility. Shift away from tradition and formal religion - new age religions, witchcraft. Greater diversity of relationships - more significant communities and Feels true to you. Who is your true self? Change over time.

Traditional morality is: Right choice is what has always done for example Norms, obligations, community response; Conservative; Is ambivalent

Morality of authenticity: Right choice is a personal decision or choice; Authenticity, the real self-individualised; Contemporary or postmodern; Is ambivalent