What are the four interconnected dimensions of 'McDonaldization'?. Sociology

The four dimensions of ‘McDonaldiazation' are efficiency, predictability, calculability and control. These four dimensions have replaced traditional rules of running organisations and businesses with logical rules within a capitalist system. Efficiency is when things operate quickly and easily to both consumer and the business, when compared to the actual fast-food chain McDonalds, food is prepared quickly. As for predictability, the result of the outcome will almost always be similar. Calculability, is when there is an emphasis on the quantity over the quality, for example when one orders at McDonalds, it may not be the best quality or the healthiest but one gets a large serving of food for the price. The last aspect of ‘McDonaldlization' is control when technology or machines are used to optimize the output of product to always come out with the same result and the staff or machines can always be replaced.

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