Leaver writes that the ACCC does not currently require individuals on social media to reveal paid posts. Do you think this is a problem? Why/why not?. Sociology

It can be problematic as if you have been paid for promoting a product, that you don't even know if it works or not. And you are developing a product to your followers who will believe in what you are promoting. Some followers might think you have not been paid and understand that you use the product, which you may not. The Kardashian/Jenner family, where they have millions of followers and get paid for promoting a product that highly likely they haven't use, this can send out false signals to the followers. They have a significant influence on their followers. It can raise with authenticity. Social media not inherently morally charged: the value of communication platforms depends in large part on what's communicated. However, for the average person that does not get income from other sources, could be a benefit for them. It would be another source of income that they should not have to disclose if they do not want.