What is culture? Provide an example of Australian norms that illustrates your answer.. Sociology

Culture has been described as a pattern of ideas that encompasses shared beliefs and ideas. It gives people a sense of identity which also has the power to influence other people (Kriken, 2014). An example of how this culture has been embraced and has influenced other Australians is the norms that have been internalized by other Australians. A typical Australian norm would be the sense of adventure which is evident in the coastal lifestyle and the outdoor lifestyle. Over 75% of Australians reside within 30km of the coasts (Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs, 2012). Further, the choice of automobiles can support this claim. In 2016, the Toyota Hilux was the most popular car sold in Australia (Ottley, 2017). The Hilux is well known for its driving abilities off-road, ruggedness and ability to carry loads.