Explain the difference between Conflict Theory and Functionalism as they apply to deviance.. Sociology

Conflict theory suggests that western societies should be on the exploitation of the many by the few rather than on harmonious consensus and that this produces social problems that affect everyone. It is a way of studying society that focuses on the inequalities of different groups in a community. Marx believes a society evolved through several stages, the most important of which were feudalism, capitalism, and finally socialism. The economic inequality that Marx thought would fuel a change in society. Marx created a model that proposed that a community where one group exploited another group economically would contain the seeds of its destruction. The rich own the factories and the poor are the workers, and It does not consider the stability that a society can experience. And it does not explain how a community held together. And it does not like the status quo.

Functionalism is a system of thinking based on the ideas of Durkheim that looks at society from a large-scale perspective. It examines the fundamental structures that make up a society and how each part helps to keep the community stable. Society is heading toward an equilibrium — society made from a bunch of connected structures. One structure is institutions, which are structures that meet the needs of the community, like education systems, financial institutions, businesses and marriage, laws, mass media, nongovernmental organisations, medicine, religion, arm forces, police, and lots more. Real facts from Durkheim are ways of thinking and acting formed by the society that existed before any one individual and will still exist after an individual is dead. A social fact is a facet of the nation itself, Durkheim, said are a permanent structure. Schools educated so they can find jobs and support the community. Society was held together by their similarities, and the individual was self-sufficient. But this only works for small organisations and corporations grow. Functionalism focuses entirely on the institution with little regard for the importance of the individual. The individual is acknowledged, but nothing they do affect the structure of society. It is unable to explain social change and conflict. It is so focused on maintaining the equilibrium of the community that little sign and no conflict can occur.