How is your self-presentation and/or identity shaped by social media?. Sociology

They are posting things with the audience, and you want to see. Social media as a performance gives you agency what people are going to think about the things you post. How we think others see us. Present the excellent stuff say on Facebook, but keep the bad stuff tucked away. Always put your best face forward. They are picking the best profile picture that looks good. Sometimes, the self-presentations offered on social media can be false, meant to be liked by others. Your perception of yourself and the surrounding reality becomes distorted. You are trying to be someone that you are not. You are putting on a front stage, presenting yourself to the audience. But the backstage is a different you, no the audience wishes to see. Facebook, Instagram, are sites that put your front stage self. Example of Judith Butler normalising to actions and scripts and performing. Social media is shaping us. Careers now can be built around online identities. What we read, influencers, advertising, and moralising social media. Social media blurs lines between real life and commodities. For example, Nike using the athlete and slogan “believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”. Some people looked at the ad and agreed others protested.

Also, Belle Gibson, who claimed to have brain cancer and was using social media to lie about how she was curing it by eating and living well.

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