According to Kimmerer, what is the difference between a commodity relationship and a gift relationship with the environment?. Sociology

The difference between gift and commodity exchange are that gift establishes a feeling-bond between two people. For example, Wild strawberries fit the definition of a gift, but grocery store berries do not. It's the relationships between producer and consumer that changes everything. A social construct in which everything is a commodity is being bought and sold. If all the world is a commodity of how poor, we grow. When all the world is a gift in motion, how wealthy we become, strawberries are not meant to sell, only to be given. A gift economy, ones have freely given gifts cannot be made into someone else's capital. Because it handed to us, it should only give to others. I gift something for nothing, except that certain obligations are attached. It belongs to mother earth. A gifted relationship with nature is a formal give and take that acknowledges our participation in and dependence upon, natural increase. Gift exchange is the commerce of choice, for its commerce that harmonises with and participates in the process of nature's growth.