Discuss and illustrate the role of heteronormativity in Australian culture.. Sociology

Heteronormativity is when a gender role has been assumed for everyone whereby gender minorities can be seen to have been excluded. Australian culture can be seen as liberal when compared to other conservative countries. Homosexuality has been decriminalised and many anti-discrimination laws have been incorporated (Maddison and Partridge, 2007). Besides this, the public have been more reciprocative to the LGBT population with a 35% representative to consider it immoral (Flood and Hamilton, 2005). Besides this, a large-scale LGBT event Mardi Gras is celebrated annually in Sydney. Further, almost all Australian states have legalised same-sex and LGBT couple adoption, and over 80% of Australians have polled to support LGBT acceptance (Flood and Hamilton, 2005). This evidences the little heteronormativity present in the Australian culture.

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