PDP: Cognitive processes can be understood in terms of networks hat link together neuron-like units. Developed as a result of two stems of research:

  1. Research in brain function

Established that basic mental processes could not be localised in one section in the brain. Instead is spread around in a network. [NEURAL ORGANISATION]

  1. Not one step at a time like information-processing approach

Wanted approach that explained processes that occur in simultaneous, parallel fashion, rather than one at a time.

Information-processing approach looking at computers, one step at a time.

  • Mental processes as flow of info through series of stages.
  • Simple mental operations can be grouped together to produce complex behaviours.
  • Challenged by PDP.

PDP Best modal and most recent to represent human thought processes.

  • Many operations at a time (simultaneous)
  • Neural activity is distributed throughout brain
  • Can complete most faulty or incomplete operations
Some clues more effective than others
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