Scripted fantasies: which we conjure while having sex or day dreaming which involve characters that follow a narrative.

Unscripted fantasies: often triggered by objects in our environment and focus on images or sensations rather than characters.

Fantasies reflect the stimuli were exposed to during our sexual awakening and often reflect our insecurities or anxieties

Male fantasy: graphic and visual, impersonal relationship dynamics, multiple or interchangeable partners, focus more on body parts and explicit sex

Female fantasy: multisensory including touch, about romantic situations and emotional involvement also can be abstract.


A lack of sexual attraction to other people

Fluidity of identity

Aromatic asexual: a lack of desire for romantic relationships with other people

Grey asexual: those who fall in between sexual and asexual

Demisexual: sexual attraction only experienced after a strong emotional connection has been formed

Romantic asexual: desire romantic relationships but do not experience sexual attraction even within those relationships

BDSM: bondage & discipline/dominance & submission/sadism & masochism

A sexual orientation that is found in a percentage of the population. Research has listed s/m behaviour as much as 7 to 14% of the population with interests at up to 50% of the population and crosses all sexual orientations.
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