1956 - Turning point year in cognitive psychology


Criticism of behaviourism on its inability to explain mental activities such as memory.

Chomsky's development of language through cognitive-based explanation. Unable to explain how language occurred.

Research on organisation & structures of memory, unable to account for complex memory.

Piaget's work on development, examined how children developed mental skills.

Development of computers as how we deal with info. Info-processing approach to explain mental behaviour.

Current Status of Cognitive Psych

  • Cognitive Revolution: 75% of psychologists conducting research in Universities claim to be cognitive psychologist.
  • Cognitive psychology is also involved in many other areas of psychology.
  • Developmental psychology looks at development of mental abilities.
  • Psychobiology attempts to find biological basis for mental processes.

Criticism of cognitive psychology: Ecologically invalid, results of experiments in labs have little to do with real world.

Response: More real world research, e.g. eyewitness testimony & educational cognition.

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