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Jackson is working with a company to help it develop more effective training programs for its employees. He has spent a great deal of time reviewing all the documentation the company has about previous training opportunities it has provided for its employees. What research technique is Jackson using?

Ted uses a personality test as one of the dependent measures in his study. What data-collection technique is Ted using?

A psychologist monitors changes in the subject's heart rate as the subject watches a violent movie. What is this data-collection technique called?

A group of students are administered a series of written questions designed to assess their attitudes, opinions, and behaviour related to studying. What is this method called?

What is a scientific journal?

During which stage of the scientific method would a researcher provide data to the general public?

Amanda tells you about her date with Brett the night before. They went to the local amusement park, where they rode roller-coasters, attempted a climbing wall, and went into the House of Horrors. At first, Amanda wasn't that interested in Brett, but by the end of the night she found herself very attracted to him. What insights could you provide, given the results of the Featured Study on the effects of arousal on attraction?

Which of the following activities would be particularly useful for making someone more attractive to a potential date, according to the results of the Featured Study on the effects of arousal on attraction?

The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is a projective test that contains ambiguous stimuli that are to be interpreted by the participant. In the Featured Study, participants crossed a bridge and then completed the TAT. How did the researchers use participants' responses to the TAT in this study?

In the Featured Study, individuals who had just recently crossed a bridge were met by either a male or a female confederate of the researcher. What do you call the type of confederate in this study?

In the Featured Study, some individuals crossed a high, fear-arousing bridge, while others crossed a low, non-frightening bridge. In this study, what do we call the type of bridge?

Dr. Hessels is examining how different people respond to frightening events. She will have participants walk through a haunted house at a local amusement park, and each participant will be outfitted with a heart monitor. She will use the changes in heart rate as a measure of stress. What are two ways that such changes in heart rate can be described?

Terry has a theory and has formulated a testable hypothesis. What is the next step that Terry needs to take in the scientific method?

Dr. Dieringer wants to study attachment patterns in single-parent families. She plans to define the strength of attachment as the time it takes for the parent to respond when the infant starts to cry. Why is this definition important?

Which of the following is an operational definition of aggression?

Several researchers are working on different experiments that are designed to test whether a person's confidence can be changed over time. They want to be able to compare their results when they are done. They agree that they will all use the same test in order to measure confidence. Which of the following have the researchers done?

A researcher is measuring the heart rate of subjects in a study about anxiety, because heart rate changes in a predictable way when people are anxious. In this study, what is heart rate?

Dr. Malm predicts that if teachers ignore students who act up in class, fewer students will act up in class. What is the scientific term for Dr. Malm's prediction?

Dr. Licciardi predicts that if people are observed while they perform a complex task, they will make more errors. Which of the following terms is Dr. Licciardi's prediction an example of?

Which of the following is a testable hypothesis?

What is a hypothesis?

Dr. Marqueta predicts that people who have received bad news will seek out other people because “misery loves company.” Which of the following terms characterizes Dr. Marqueta's prediction about the behaviour of people?

Which of the following patterns is typical of theory construction?

If Dr. Smith has tested a hypothesis and the findings have failed to support the hypothesis, what influence will this have on Dr. Smith's theory?

There are multiple goals in science, and researchers move between goals at various points in their research. If a researcher has a lot of data about the measurement of fear reactions and uses those data to generate a theory about fear, how have the researcher's goals changed?

What is a theory?

Which goals of science are reflected in the use of reinforcement principles to modify a child's unruly behaviour?

Forensic profilers use information about known serial killers to make statements about the likely next steps of a new killer and to anticipate a pattern of behaviour. Which goal of the scientific enterprise does this reflect?

What do we call any measurable conditions, events, characteristics, or behaviours that are controlled or observed in a study?

Which goal of science is most closely associated with determining how to measure fear or identify lying?