What does the term 'shovelware' mean? Why would it be an issue?

  • Means that each medium places exactly the same content that is produced for their traditional counterparts on the Internet
  • Issue because it lacks diversity and originality

What are the special characteristics of digital environments, in contrast to media?

  • Hypertextuality
  • Multimediality
  • Interactivity
  • Customizing content (personalization)
  • Memory (archiving)
  • Instantaneity (continuous update)
  • Ubiquity

Why does other journalism need to develop its own language and differentiate itself from other forms of journalism?

Because consumers will not pay for content that they are accustomed to getting for free.

Canavilhas suggest a modification to the traditional inverted pyramid of news writing. Why? What does it involve?

So that it answers the questions from a heterogeneous audience Involves:

  • The base unit - Essential questions such as Who? What? When? Where?
  • The explanation level - Why? How?
  • The contextualization level - Sematic resolution
  • The exploration level

Customisation is one of the key characteristics of digital media. What kinds of strategies are possible because of this?

  • Comment box
  • Storing viewers cookies to record their interests
  • Follow your website or news story (send emails)
  • User's reference (most read)
  • Geo localization

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