If ontology is the study of the nature being, life and existence, what do you think Deuze means by the term ‘media life'?

He used the term ‘media life' as a way of explaining that people do not recognize their media habits because they are a constitutive part of them

Deuze gives 2 reasons for why the media tends to become invisible and we have difficulty recognizing our own media habits. What are these reasons?

  1. Media disappears form the consciousness when used intensely - by their logic of immediacy
  2. The fact that people can read, edit and write their codes, programs, protocols and texts - comes to shape our sense of reality

What is the ‘Trueman Show Delusion'? What is it's significance for Deuzes argument and notion of media life?

It is a condition where sufferers are convinces that everything around them is decor, that the people around them are actors and that everything they do it monitored and recorded.

This idea is significant for his argument as it further exemplifies his idea that media is invisible because it constantly surrounds us.

If we can't escape media and it's role in shaping our lives, how does Deuze (using the work of Henry Jenkins) suggest we deal with this through mediated reality? He suggests that we adapt to media and come at peace with the endless mutability of reality.
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