Phenomenology of the technical World and task of philosophy:

How does philosophy respond to the negative of the technique?

Clarify the technical world, and make the positive prevail (the humanization of that society).

Brings reflection and lucidity.

Resisting the avalanche of the "technicality": you cannot accept the philosophical "defeat" before the technical world, under penalty of betraying freedom (the man who owns his own destiny).

Current possibility of the influx of philosophy on the technique:

The man has "created" the robots, and with it, the possibility of being "recribed" against him. But What is true is that machines, technology is a man-machine relationship, and therefore, if man has been able to create those beings, he is able to anticipate events and find ways to prevent actions that may be harmful to him. The technique has ITS LIMITS (not omnipotent), that limit is the MAN who created it.

Technological systems are constant "development" systems: they can always be corrected to achieve "better" technology.

What can not be done is to "play" to make new machines, without previously evaluating the consequences of all this.

Man must control technical development. Because "Evil" is not in the technical creations, but in the man who "misuses".

Instead of talking about "the evil of technique" we must refer to "Human madness".

In the face of new technologies, there are several alternatives.

Opting for one instead of another is not a "technical" problem, but "moral" or "political".

It is human decisions that orient the technical future, which can be put at the service of the individual and of society.

It is the philosophy that has THIS outstanding WORK, "guiding human life" because if it does not, others will lead man to new forms of superstition ("Faith Blind in Something"):

Philosophy must open the doors to the depths of human decision, where man decides the way forward: to discover the "principles" that guide his life.

Philosophy must be critically aware of the threats and dangers of the technical society, and to orient that forces towards human-social development projects.

The philosophy must give "hope": to create a breeding ground suitable for a human development of the technique. It is not a time of "abandonment", but of "constructive struggle".