Philosophy today, even being necessary, is hidden away from our world because classical philosophy has been transformed into science and experimentation. Can The philosophy of solving man's problems be given today?

Science and technology have not made this world a sea of serenity; On the contrary, the world is threatened with disappearance (atomic bomb, destruction of the environment...). The man lives disoriented, because he does not know:

If I go back to the Happy "Past" (which was not so: Man, death, misery, ignorance        ).

If you run away from reality, taking attitude of "victims" full of pessimism.

The "Academic" philosophy (based on rationalism) is today disoriented , and is dedicated only to speculate in sterile emptiness. He needs to rediscover the sense he had in former times, not only for the sake of it, but for the sake of today's men, threateneded by New tyrannies (media) and injustices (ideologues), which are leading him to barbarism and obscurantism. Philosophy discovers the dangers in order to rid us of them.

How can today's philosophy make sense again for man? The answer is: becoming self-aware (why did it have value in the past?). Taking A retrospective look, we see that philosophy:

He has always been in solidarity with his own time: he has sought truth, loyalty, objectivity, freedom. He has sought to give answers to the problems of the moment.

It has never stayed in the "aesthetic" enjoyment, without transcending into practice, without staying in the theory. He has looked for real problems, and has gone into action (the true thought, not born in the dark room, but outdoors). The purpose of philosophy is not to know by knowing, but human well-being in all the orders of life. Getting to know the truth of Man must lead to act according to that truth, to live with the most excellent that exists in ourselves.

So What should philosophy do nowadays to be true philosophy?

Think about the current era, analyzing today's philosophical problems, and looking for effective solutions to these problems.

The problems are those of the scientific-Technical Society: Neither The dehumanizes technique, nor the technique in God. This Technical Society is what it is and you have to accept it.

What are these real problems in our society?

Ideological mass indoctrination, which leaves man "out of play" to decide on his destiny. The man today does not control this bombardment of the "centers of power"

Opulence and wealth on the one hand, and the material and individual misery of another. United in a lack of will to end poverty.

The existence of the "superfluous people": the non-working, unproductive, or chronically unemployed, whose only horizon is to be "pet".

War and Peace. Atomic Energy, can lead to universal death.

Philosophy must change method:

To leave the academicism, which reduces the philosophy to theory, forgetting the practice.

Go down to reality: dialogue with science and technology.

To fight against the new "fanaticism" of new technologies, highlighting the difference between what is "what is and what should be".

To be inserted into the historical current of philosophy and dialogue with it:

The philosophy is of years, not of days: one must take the treasures of thoughts off the past to stimulate and enrich the current reflection.

The problems of the past are "similar" to the current ones. And Although their approach can be diverse, not the solution to them. Such solutions are not definitive but they are approaching a satisfactory response
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