There are several trends in the interpretation of leadership.

First of all, it is necessary to turn to the definition of power in determining leadership, since the leader has a tremendous power to influence on other people and therefore has power. For F. Nietzsche, power is the will and the capacity for self-affirmation. Is the organization possible without authority? There is nothing tangible in the concept of leadership; it is nothing like a way of thinking. Once a person enters the world, it enters into the sphere of power relations. Being in the world, in contact with other people, in interaction with other spheres of being (in particular, with nature) gives rise to the need for power, and it is realized through governance and conquest.

Leadership is a process of interaction, during which some people express and know the needs and interests of their followers and therefore gain prestige and influence, while others voluntarily give them some of their enforcement powers to carry out well-directed representation and realization of their own interests.

There is an obvious need for the social neglecting as the form of regulating relationships in human communities and attraction to people with power.

The concept of "social dilemmas" is a characteristic of social relations, when problem zones arise in the process of people's relations, and they should be conciliated somehow. The phenomenological complexity of this concept determines the colossal variety of its possible relations and manifestations.

Within the framework of the unity of man and power, there are two options for communication. The first option involves treating power as a means used to solve other, more or less global tasks of social, moral, religious nature. This kind of communication embodies the leadership that grows out of the leader's ability to reflect and satisfy the interests of his followers. This is the way one type of leaders differs from another – the manipulator, which acts contrary to the interests of followers (it is clear that what is meant here is exactly the types of leadership, that in different degrees are present in the activities of any leader).

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