Three concepts:
•    News routines
Organisations develop ways and systems of producing news to survive (i.e. Press releasing) Routines of practice.
•    Genres
News that falls in to particular styles of reporting, depending on the story.
•    News Values
-    Themes and requirements that analyse what kind of stories we get
-    News values may be more about how news is covered then why it has been selected
10 contemporary news values:
1.    The power elite - Groups, people, corporations, nations that are considered important and powerful
2.    Celebrity - amount of celebrity contact they can jam into a story
3.    Entertainment
4.    Surprise - stories you get about the surprise of the event (i.e. world tragedies,)
5.    Bad News
6.    Good News
7.    Magnitude - scale of things
8.    Relevance - focus on a particular group of people (i.e. Australians)
9.    Follow-up - What's happening now (i.e. where's Bindi Irwin now?)
10.    News Organisation's Agenda - Can be seen in politics (i.e. Against Kevin Rudd)