Anthropology. Lectures, control works for students


Sorry, there are no control on this discipline.

Many anthropologists working in foreign countries

Anthropologists receiving support from their sponsors must

Ethnographic fieldwork is different from research in a chemistry or physics laboratory because

"Narrative ethnography" is concerned

When teaching, anthropologists should be

One anthropologist studying the same village at two different times

Discussions of anthropological field techniques used in research

Biculturalism means

Culture shock includes the following symptom(s):

Anthropologists have a responsibility to

The ethnographic interview is different from the sociological or psychological interview because the

A disadvantage of participant-observation is that

Project Camelot was conducted

Which of the following is not part of the advice that Ferraro gives for conducting participant-observation fieldwork?

The data-gathering technique used most often by anthropologists is

Which statement about data collection used in anthropology is correct?

Principle method(s) of collecting data in the Kenya Kinship Study included

In the Kenya Kinship Study, the dependent variable was

The theory that was tested in the Kenya Kinship Study was

Anthropological fieldwork in recent decades has

Permission or clearance from a host government must be obtained for fieldwork,

Anthropologists usually obtain funding from agencies that give research grants

Learning another language is

Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data are all part of

Anthropological fieldwork involves

Anthropologists rely on fieldwork to