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What is the name of the temperature scale that places zero at the point where all atomic and molecular motion ceases?

In the Kelvin scale, absolute zero lies at

Medium A blocks more of a certain wavelength of radiation than medium B. Medium A has a higher

The radiation our eyes are most sensitive to is the color

The two forms of electromagnetic (E-M) radiation that experience the least atmospheric opacity are

A waveʹs velocity is the product of the

Which of these is not a form of electromagnetic radiation?

Copernicus' Heliocentric theory explains that

In Ptolemy's geocentric model, the normal eastward motion of the planets was along

In Ptolemy's geocentric model, retrograde motion occurs when the planet is closest to us, on the inside portion of the

In general, what is true of the alpha star in a constellation?

Into how many constellations is the celestial sphere divided?

A star with a declination of +60.0 degrees will be

What are constellations?

A star with a right ascension of 1.0 hours will rise

The twelve constellations the solar system bodies move through are the

The 26,000 year cycle that changes the poles and equinoxes is called

From the horizon to the observer's zenith is an angle of

That Polaris will not always be the pole star is due to

As you watch a star, you see it move 15 degrees across the sky. How long have you been watching it?

When the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in the sky, its phase is

The fact that the Earth has moved along its orbit in the time it took to rotate once is the reason for

If Taurus is now rising at sunset, which constellation will rise at sunset next month?

If Scorpius is now prominent in the summer sky, in 13,000 years it will be best seen

The interval from new Moon to first quarter is about a(n)

The time for the Moon to orbit Earth, relative to the stars is

If you are in the Moon's umbral shadow, then you are witnessing

What will occur when the full moon is on the ecliptic?

A solar eclipse can only happen during a

If new moon fell on March 2nd, what is the Moon's phase on March 14th?

Kepler's second law implies what about planetary motion?

Combining Newton's and Kepler's laws, we can weigh the Sun, provided we know:

According to Copernicus, retrograde motion for Venus must occur around

Escape velocity is the speed required to

Orbital speed is the speed with which a planet moves around the Sun. This speed is determined by

Compared to orbital velocity, escape velocity is about:

If the distance between two asteroids is doubled, the gravitational force they exert on each other will

Given that the planet orbiting the nearby star 51 Pegasi is about 20X larger than the Earth, but 400X more massive, on that world you would weigh:

How does Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation explain Kepler's laws?

Jupiter lies about 5 A.U. from the Sun, so at its distance:

Geosynchronous satellites orbit at about four earth radii, where the earth's gravitational pull is:

Which of these was a contribution of Newton to astronomy?

How much stronger is the gravitational pull of the Sun on Earth, at 1 AU, than it is on Saturn at 10 AU?

The force of gravity between two objects:

The Law of Universal Gravitation was developed by:

The force of gravity varies with the

Today we rely largely on what technique to precisely measure distances in the solar system?

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, attempts to precisely measure the astronomical unit relied largely on rare:

The place in a planet's orbit that is closest to the Sun is called

What does Kepler's third law imply about planetary motion?

According to Kepler's third law, the square of the planet's period in years is:

Which concept was NOT a part of Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion?

What contribution to astronomy was made by Tycho Brahe?

Upon which point do Copernicus and Kepler disagree?

A circular orbit would have an eccentricity of

The most famous prehistoric astronomical observatory is:

Tycho Brahe's contribution to Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion were

Kepler's first law worked, where Copernicus' original heliocentric model failed, because Kepler described the orbits as

Galileo found the rotation period of the Sun was approximately

It took two centuries for the Copernican model to replaced the Ptolemaic model because

A fatal flaw with Ptolemy's model is its inability to predict the observed phases of

Which of these was NOT a telescopic discovery of Galileo?

Which of these observations of Galileo refuted Ptolemy's epicycles?

Which of the following is a contribution to astronomy made by Galileo?

Which of the following was NOT a contribution of Galileo to astronomy?

Which of these was NOT seen telescopically by Galileo?

Which of the statements below is part of both the Ptolemaic and Copernican models?

Which of these was NOT a part of the original Copernican model?

Which was a contribution to astronomy made by Copernicus?

According to Copernicus, the retrograde motion for Mars must occur

The heliocentric model was actually first proposed by:

On which of these assumptions do Ptolemy and Copernicus agree?

Scientists today do not accept the Ptolemaic model because:

The Ptolemaic model of the universe:

The greatest contribution of the Greeks to modern thought was:

The Ptolemaic model probably persisted for all these reasons EXCEPT:

The most accurate Greek attempt to explain planetary motion was the model of:

The principal culture that transferred Greek astronomical knowledge to Renaissance Europe was:

What is the meaning of a “closed” universe?

From the 1970s to the present, the accepted value of H has almost doubled, so

Because almost all galaxies show redshifted spectra, we know that

Redshift surveys give us

A galaxy that was once a quasar is likely to

Collisions between galaxies are thought to

Based on galactic rotation curves and cluster dynamics, we think dark matter

Within the boundaries of the constellations Coma and Virgo are found

What is true of the Local Group?

Which of the following is not one of the main types of galaxies originally classified by Hubble?

Compared to our own galaxy, elliptical galaxies

Most of the new star formation in the Galaxy is found in the

In the formation of our Galaxy, the ___ formed first

Density waves may explain

Which is the correct description of the Sun’s location within the Milky Way?

What can we detect from matter that has crossed an event horizon?

Which statement about black holes is true?

A method for identifying a black hole is to

Two Important properties of young neutron stars are

The stars with masses comparable to our Sun’s, but sizes like the Earth are

What can be said with certainty about a red star and a blue star?

Which statement about stellar motion is incorrect?

Sunspots are dark splotches on the Sun, Which statement is true?

How long does the sunspot cycle last, on average?

The gaps in Saturn’s rings are caused by?

Voyager 1 was unable to image Titan’s surface because?

Which of these moons has the densest atmosphere?

What is thought to be the cause of Io’s volcanoes?

What would Jupiter have needed to be a star?

Jupiter and the other jovian planets are noticeably oblate because:

The atmospheric pressure on Venus:

How does Mercury’s rotation relate to the Sun?

The atmospheric gases primarily responsible for our greenhouse effect are:

The average rate of erosion on the Moon is far less than on Earth because:

The Moon’s near side always faces Earth due to

At what phase would you expect to find extremely high and low tides?

Much of the water on Mars

The Jovian planets

Which of these is the same for all forms of electromagnetic radiation in a vacuum?

What is true of a blackbody?

If distance between two asteroids is doubled, the grav force held on each other is

Force of gravity varies with the

Kepler’s first law worked where Copernicus’s model failed because

What was Brahe’s contribution to Keplers’ laws?

Which was NOT seen by Galileo?

If a star moves 15 degrees in the sky, how long have you been watching it?

The interval from new moon to first quarter is a

What will occur if the full moon is on the ecliptic?

If the moon appears half lit and its overhead at 6 AM it is a

In an annular eclipse:

If new moon fell on March 2nd, what is the Moon's phase on March 16th?

The greatest distance above or below the ecliptic the Moon can move is

You note that a particular star is directly overhead. It will be directly overhead again in