Chingis Khan was the great leader of the Mongol empire. His dynasty created this enormous empire that included China, most of the Indian subcontinent, and most of Central Asia. In the late twelfth and early thirteenth century they become major players in world history. Chingis Khan pulls the Mongol tribes together, unifies them, and begins to expand his power by moving south. He proceeds to conquer Northern china, and ultimately his grandson Kublai Khan, finished the process. The Mongols were incredibly skillful at warfare. They were phenomenal on horseback. They were fast. A Mongol soldier could cover about 80 miles a day of horseback. They were also incredible archers- and while traveling on horseback at high speeds! They could shoot from longer distances. Marco Polo makes his way to China and spends seventeen years there. Marco Polo was blown away by China because it was so different than Europe. It was an old and advance civilization. And then the Mongols come to an end. This is because China resented a foreign dynasty.

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