What is the outcome of the duel between Tumus and Pallas? How does Juno trick and save Turnus? What is the effect on the battle after the departure of Turnus? What is the fate of Mezentias?. World History

Pallas' spear penetrates Turnus' shield but only grazes him. Turnus' spear, however, penetrates Pallas' shield and lodges deep in his chest, killing him. Juno, realizing the Latins have lost this battle, asks Jupiter to spare Turnus, to which he relents. Juno sends down a phantom Aeneas in sight of Turnus, to drive him towards a fleet of ships nearby. Once Turnus reaches the ships, however, Juno severs the moors and Turnus drifts away farther down the coast. In Turnus' absence, the great Latin warrior Mezentias leads the Latins well until his son is killed. In the end, Aeneas cuts down Mezentias and the Latins lose.

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