You should be able to discuss the Cold War's origin, conflict, and outcome. In your answer, you are able to point to the ideological origins of the Cold War, the global flashpoints, and point out the ultimate victor. You should be able to address whether the end of the Cold War also meant the “End of History”.. World History

The cold war originated after WWII when the United States and Russia emerged as two nuclear powers with opposing ideals. The United States championed democracy whereas the Soviet Union wanted to spread Marxism. These opposing ideologies lead to the largest arms race in history (1945-1991). This war was unlike any fought before because it was a war without fronts. This was the first time in history that opposing countries were armed with weapons that could wipe out the human race. The US could not fight them head on so instead they conducted proxy wars against communism in places such as Vietnam and Korea. These acts fall under the Truman Doctrine which was to counter geopolitical expansion during the cold war. The idea that if communism was contained to one area eventually it would destroy itself. Fukuyama called this war the end of history. He argues that democracies do not go to war against one another; democracy wins out to any radical leader. Fukuyama believed that Marx was wrong and Democracy is the final form of government.

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