Define Fascism and describe Robert O. Paxon's five "stages" of Fascism with some reference to Germany's path in the 1920s through 1940s.. World History

Paxon states that Nazi Germany went through all five stages of fascism. The first stage being Intellectual exploration. After WWI at the Treaty of V. Germany was to blame and to pay for the war. This resulted in Germany losing its spirit and sense of greatness. During this time Germany moves from a monarchy to a democratic republic. All this change leaves Germany politically vulnerable and socially vulnerable which allows for fascists ideas to enter. The second stage of fascism is Legitimization/rooting which is the process of the Nazis deciding to legitimize themselves by creating their own political party. The third stage is the Arrival of Power. The Nazis were not voted into power but were invited to the table by the conservative party. The conservatives wanted to ally with the Nazis against the liberal party so decided to share their power. The fourth stage is the Exercise of Power. This involves the creation of institutions alongside current government institutions. Hitler decided to add his own fascist institutions to the current government institutions creating an uncomfortable stacking. The final stage of fascism is the Radicalization. This involves often war, expansion, extermination, and other radical forms. Hitler displays his radicalization through his want to expand Germany as he invades Belgium, Poland and many other countries before the outbreak of WWII. He also displays radical racism in his want to exterminate the Jews, radical Darwinism and radical nationalism.

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