Discuss the consequences of WWI, especially the Russian revolution of 1917. Who were the winners and losers in Russia in 1917?. World History

There were many major consequences of WWI. At The Treaty of Versailles, Germany was to blame for the war and were responsible for the cost of the war. This hurts Germany's nationalism and creates a political divide (leads to fascism). Another consequence of the war was National Self Determination. It distinguished national borderlines, meaning that countries could create their own nation or join another nation. This is significant because it rewrites the whole map of Europe. Another major consequence is that of empires beginning to dissolve and monarchies break apart such as the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, German monarchy and the Russian monarchy. The dissolution of the Russian monarchy leads to another great consequence; the Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution was a result of the people losing their trust in Tsar Nicholas II and was very much a working-class revolution. The winners of the Russian revolution were the Mensheviks and the losers were the Bolsheviks and the Tsar.

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