In the Communist Manifesto, Marx anticipated a revolution of the proletariat. Where, under what circumstances? Might Marx have been surprised?. World History

Marx predicted a revolution to happen at the center of the industrial revolution, in the most advanced capitalist economies (i.e America, Great Britain, and Germany). He predicted it would happen under the circumstances of alienation caused by the gap between bourgeoisie and proletariat and the triumph of the Bourgeoisie over clergy and nobility. Marx would have been surprised a working class revolution never occurred in the original countries he had predicted. Each one of these countries although they met the conditions of revolution and faced tension ended up releasing the tension of Revolution. America through the expansion to the west as individuals could move away from industrialization. Germany released tension through Otto Von Bismarck's ( first minister of Germany) efforts to create social safety nets and education programs, and universal male suffrage. He overall improved the conditions of the working class. And Great Britain released tension through Benjamin Disraeli and the social reform bill of 1867 and the creation of the labour party that advocated for the working class

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