How would you expect flowers to vary with method of pollination? Think of possible features (size, odor, color) of a flower that is pollinated by wind, flies, honeybees, or hummingbirds. Earth & Marine Sciences

Flowers pollinated by wind are often small, green and have anthers and stigma that hang outside of the flower. Flowers pollinated by honeybees provide a surface on which to land, abundant nectar, and sometimes have runways marked by ultraviolet light. Flowers pollinated by hummingbirds are often red (hummingbirds are sensitive to this spectrum of light), have little smell (hummingbirds don’t have a strong sense of smell) and are angled down such that a hovering hummingbird can reach its beak inside. Flies pollinated by flies often smell like feces or rotten meat and may trap the fly for a period of time to ensure 1) dusting with pollen and then 2) pollination of the second flower.

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