What happens in the Jewish Bible story of "The Binding of Isaac" (or the "Akedah")? Identify at least two ways that Judaism has interpreted this story.. Religious Studies

God orders Abraham to go to the land of Moriah along with his most favored son Isaac and offer him as a sacrifice to God and miraculously Isaac was replaced by goat. Abraham named that site as Adonai-yireh which means “the lord will see” whereas the present saying is Behar Adonai year'eh which means “on the mount of lord there's vision”.

The Adekah became the supreme example of self-sacrifice in obedience to God's will and the symbol of Jewish martyrdom throughout the ages. How Abraham suppressed his compassion in order to perform your will with a perfect heart. So may your compassion overbear thine anger against us. This story of martyrdom was used as a prototype of the readiness for martyrdom. A test of faith not to inform God of Abraham's faith, but to inform humanity of Abraham's faith. Devout soul feels a duty to offer up its joy which belongs to God. However, God refuses it and allows the soul to retain its joy.

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