Describe Turnus' activities. How do the Trojans respond? What action do Nisus and Euryalus take? Why? Their fate?. Ancient History

Juno's messenger, Iris, is sent down to inform Turnus, leader of the Latins, that Aeneas is temporarily away from his army. Turnus begins to organize a sneak attack on Aeneas' army, but the Trojans spot the army and hide in their fortress until Aeneas gets back. Turnus sets fire to the Trojans' ships, but the ships miraculously turn into sea nymphs. The Latins decide to camp outside of the Trojans' fortress. The Trojans know they must get word to Aeneas about their dilemma, so they send two friends eager for glory and adventure, Nisus and Euryalus, to sneak out at night and get word to Aeneas. The two friends find the entire Latin army fast asleep so they slaughter many of them before making their way to the forest. A group of Latin horsemen spot the two in the forest by a gleam from a helmet that Euryalus took from one of the slain men. The two men are killed by the Latins and their heads are put on stakes and paraded before the Trojan fortress.

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