Whom does Aeneas meet? What does she command Aeneas to do gain his wishes? Describe the journey to the Underworld. Whom does he meet along the way?. Ancient History

The Sibyl, a priestess, meets Aeneas on the coast of Cumae. She commands Aeneas to make his request, which is for the Trojans to settle in Latium. Aeneas embarks on a journey to the Underworld after he manages to tear a golden branch from a tree in the forest. The ferryman Charon leads the souls of the dead by way of the river Acheron. Aeneas sees the soul of Palinurus among the undelivered souls. Across the river, the souls of the recently deceased line up before Minos for judgment. Nearby are the Fields of Mourning, for souls who died for love. There he sees Dido, who meets her deceased husband Sychaeus. Aeneas continues to the field of war heroes where he sees many casualties of the Trojan War. The Greeks flee at the sight of him and he travels on past an enormous fortress where Rhadamanthus carries out horrible tortures to the most evil of sinners. At last, Aeneas comes to the Blessed Groves, where the good souls wander about in peace in comfort. Aeneas spots his father and inquires of him several questions

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