What were the major adventures undergone by Aeneas and his followers immediately after they left Troy?. Ancient History

After fleeing Troy, Aeneas and his followers go to Antander to build a new fleet of ships. From there, they sail to Thrace where Aeneas prepares to offer sacrifices. While there, a tree speaks to him as the spirit of Polydorus, the son of Priam who claims he was sent to Thrace shortly before the attack on Troy only to be killed by the Thracians when they sided with the Greeks. Aeneas gives Polydorus a proper burial then sail to the holy island of Delos, where Apollo tells Aeneas to visit the land of his ancestors, which Aeneas interprets as the island of Crete. When they reach Crete, Aeneas and his crew begin to build a new city, but a terrible plague hits and the gods of Troy appear in a dream to Aeneas telling him the land of his ancestors is Italy, not Crete. They land at the Strophades, islands of the Harpies, fierce bird-creatures with feminine faces. One of these Harpies places a curse on the crew when the crew slaughters a bunch of animals and has a feast, claiming the crew will starve until they establish their city in Italy. They then reach Buthrotum, where they discover that Helenus, one of Priam's sons, has become King of a Greek city. Helenus instructs the crew to sail around the southern tip of Italy. The crew stops to rest on a beach, where they narrowly escape a group of Cyclopes and land at Drepanum, where Aeneas' father dies. Aeneas concludes that divine will has driven him to Dido's shores.

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