Pick the current or a past president of the US and evaluate his performance against the leadership characteristics. On the basis of this comparison, do you think that the president is a good strategic leader?. Management

Key characterizes of good strategic leaders that lead to high performance include:

  • vision, eloquence and consistent,
  • articulation of the business model,
  • commitment,
  • being well-informed,
  • willingness to delegate and empower,
  • astute use of power and
  • emotional intelligence.

Based on these skills, I am of the opinion that is Barack Obama is a good strategic leader. However, they're certain characteristic that could, and probably should be improved. To start with, Obama had a clear vision of America when applying for a second term. He was focusing much on civil and human rights, creating a system that ‘works for everyone', combating climate change and many others. In the speeches, Obama was communicating his vision and ideas in a coherent way and he seemed to be truly committed to his political position and duties. In addition, being the president and having to appoint the Cabinet, definitely requires good delegation skills. Obama's strong interpersonal skills as well as friendly, emphatic and passionate attitude suggest a high degree of emotional intelligence. These attributes are particularly apparent during his pubic appearances. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has not been articulating his business model in a clear way. In fact, the majority of politicians fails to communicate how they are planning to achieve their goals and what actions they are going to undertake in order to move forward. Nevertheless, in certain areas such as climate change, Obama introduced a clear and comprehensive plan of reducing America's dependency on fossil fuels and stimulating green energy segment.